Release the heavy weight of shame
so you can become your best self

Learn how to heal from the destructive hold of shame and other negative emotions through the 3M process - Movement, Meditation, & Mindset.

On this journey you will release the heavy weight of shame and free your body, mind, & soul, so you can live a bold, brave, brand new life.

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    Kai Des Etages

    Movement & Meditation Coach

    Who am I?

    Hello friend! I’m so happy you’re here.

    My name is Kai and cultivating inner peace saved my life. Learning how to feel at ease even when life was chaotic helped me transform from always feeling ashamed, guilty, and doubting myself to boldly & courageously creating & living a life I love.

    How did I cultivate that inner peace? Through years of focus on movement, meditation, and mindset. These methods helped me and now I get the privilege to show you how they can transform your life too.

    What will you learn?

    • How to notice emotions as sensations in the body then go a step further to release emotions that are heavy or holding you back.
    • How to use the power of silence, stillness, and breath through meditation.
    • How to influence your mind and shift your mindset.
    • How to combine movement, meditation, and mindset shifting practices to create a self care routine you love coming back to.